Savinelli Miele Bulldog

I received this pipe, a Savinelli Miele Bulldog, from several weeks ago. I’d seen this series on that site months ago when I first took up the pipe, and fell in love. I always had it in my mind that I would order one someday. Well, here it is. The Miele series is the third in Savinalli’s food inspired pipe series, after Chocolate and Coffee. Miele is Italian for honey, and the pipes in this series come complete with a wooden tamper in the shape of a honey dipper. The bowl is finished in a warm light stain, and the golden acrylic stem reminds one of honeycombs. The pipe comes in suede-textured golden pouch, and everything is packaged in an amazingly designed box.

I like to pair an appropriate tobacco with each pipe I acquire. A rustic pipe should be combined with a rustic tobacco, a sophisticated pipe should be combined with sophisticated tobacco, and so on. The Miele pipe naturally should be combined with sweet, strong tobacco. I decided to make my own blend for this unique pipe. I had some Honey Cavendish*, which is a wonderful aromatic, but felt that it was to monochromatic to use on it’s own. I’ve been enjoying the earthy nature of Bilbo’s Pipe, and think it will blend well with the cavendish. I went to my local tobacconist today to stock-up and the proprietor also recommended Ed’s Finest as a sweet, full bodied mixture. This evening I blended the three mixtures together in equal proportions. I’ve named the blend Majdy, which is the name of a village in Poland near the city where my wife is from. Moid is the Polish word for honey, and the village name Majdy is a somehow derived from moid. (Our parent’s have a lovely cottage in Majdy, on an island that used to be an orchard, and we have friends in the area that operate a honey farm.)

In the mornings I drink tea with honey. The brand of honey I have been using recently comes in a hexagonal jar. I finished a jar yesterday and set it aside for use as a tobacco jar. Besides conscientiously pairing tobaccos with my pipes, I also like to accessorize my pipes with aesthetically or conceptually similar tampers, pouches, etc. It makes sense to me to pair the Savinelli Miele Bulldog and Majdy blend with the hexagonal honey jar.

Unfortunately, I have bit of a cold right now and I want to wait until I am well to smoke this pipe and tobacco blend for the first time so I can maximize my enjoyment.

* All tobacco mixtures mentioned are house-blends available from Epicure, in Calgary. I don’t know if they do mail order and I’m not sure if similar blends might be available in other markets.