Photography Museum

Welcome to my on-line Photography Museum. I do not strictly classify myself as a collector of photographic equipment, but as an avid photographer I have amassed a considerable collection of gear since becoming serious about photography around 1991. I thought it would be fun to document this gear and share its history.

I love functional gear and don’t hesitate to acquire something if I will use it a lot. I do feel guilty if I buy something and it just doesn’t get used sufficiently. Thus I am quite spare in my purchases.

For most of my photographic journey taking pictures has been a hobby. The return on my investment comes in the form of satisfaction of creating images. Lacking financial justification I have avoided buying full-on professional bodies for the most part.

Glass is another matter and I don’t mind paying for good quality glass, though I often put a higher priority on compactness and portability than on outright performance (try hiking or travelling with a suite of f/2.8 zoom lenses and you’ll understand).

Enjoy the collection.

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