Earth, Air, Water, and Fire

Leather Bracelet: Air

This evening, I finished making a series of leather bracelets I’m calling “Earth, Air, Water, and Fire”. The bracelets, 1″ x 9″ x 3/32″, are hand-tooled with graphic designs, each representing a different natural element. They are hand-painted and finished with a light antique gel. They close with a snap.

P.s., lately I’ve been lighting the photographs posted on this site using a simple tungsten photo bulb and reflector. Last week the bulb burned out. To photograph the bracelets I had to use a studio strobe light which had been packed away in a closet for years (I haven’t done much serious studio work for a while). While setting up the strobe, I reached into its case and found my long missing light meter! It’s a Sekonic L-508, with incident and ambient light meters and a 1°–4° zoom spot function. I’ve been looking for it for so long. It was required equipment when I was shooting large format, years ago. Today, with the preview on digital cameras, handheld light meters are almost unnecessary. I still like to use one for studio work though, even if just for nostalgic reasons.