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Canon PowerShot D10

Released in 2009, I got the rugged and waterproof Canon PowerShot D10 to use primarily on my canoeing adventures. It is a rather bulky and odd looking compact camera, but it has worked well.

Many times I looked at upgrading to the D20 or D30, but couldn’t justify the expense for very little gain. The compact camera market (with the exception of the the high-end) has basically disappeared and manufactures are no longer innovating in this space. I’ve considered rugged/waterproof models from other manufacturers, but find the JPEG quality to be total mush compared to Canon.

I’d love the ability to shoot RAW in a waterproof camera, but this does not seem like a feature manufacturers are willing to add.

I’ve basically replaced the PowerShot D10 for casual rugged/waterproof use with my iPhone 6S in a LifeProof FRĒ case.

Flowers and Cannoe, Fond Du Lac River
Flowers and Cannoe, Fond Du Lac River, Saskatchewan, Canada

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